Bauke's Chart Renderer

This shit is hella alpha and most likely doesn't work properly yet. If you discover anything breaking create an issue or join the Discord and tell me there. Only tested on recent Firefox and Chromium versions so if you're on a different/older browser sorry. No responsive design has been added yet so if you're on mobile try landscape mode or switch to a desktop. If you're wondering what any of the input boxes are for remove the text in them and you'll see the placeholder for what it's used. To save your chart right click the image and click "Save Image As…"!

Warning! Your cards and charts are NOT saved in cookies or localStorage! Only by exporting them yourself below can you keep them! Adding automatic saving is planned and when implemented this warning will be gone.

Extra Options

Log Debug Data (on Firefox CTRL+SHIFT+K - on Chrome CTRL+SHIFT+J)

Show Card Titles

Show Card Images

Auto Calculate Chart Height

Render Card Position

Draw Strokes


Create your own chart format, use underscores for empty spaces and X for card images. The cards are chosen based on their position starting from 0 and drawn in the canvas from top-left to bottom-right. If left empty a format will be automatically generated (using 5 columns per row for as many rows) until it runs out of cards.